Guidance & Efficiency

At Covenant Consulting Group, LLC (CCG), we believe that non-profit organizations need dedicated individuals to provide guidance on the most efficient ways to manage their institution based on the economics, operations and trends in the industry.

Non-profit organizations can turn to CCG’s expertise to assist them in understanding all of the emerging issues relating to the non-profit community.

Below are some of the examples of services we provide:

  • Tax Returns
  • Internal Control Analysis
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation
  • Development of Accounting Policies & Procedures
  • Development of Investment & Spending Policies (Budgeting)
  • Development of Donation, Endowment & Gift Acceptance Policies & Procedures
  • Development of Federal Compliance/Grants Management Policies & Procedures
  • Assistance with Design of Compensation Systems
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Projections and Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Models
  • Technology Consulting
  • Consulting on Federal & State Tax Issues including Property Tax Exemptions